Signs That Your Spirit Guides is Trying to Communicate With You

Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are supernatural entities that are with us throughout our lives to guide us towards positive and good things. They communicate with us through telepathy during meditation, dreams, and thoughts.

Signs of the Presence of Spirit Guides

Even though you may not see your spirit guides, you can trust that they are always with you. Your spirit guides can help you feel their presence by sending you signs along the way. All you need to do is be sensitive and pay attention to these signs.

Now, let me talk about some signs that will assure you that your spirit guides are always with you.

1. Sensing Presence

One of the signs that indicate the presence of a spiritual guide close to you is the ability to feel a presence. This often arises when you are engaging with something and paying attention to the spiritual realm. This is one of the ways in which your spiritual guide conveys to you that you are not alone even when you feel so.

Your emotions will guide you and encourage you to be more productive because the purpose of spiritual guides is to steer us towards beneficial, creative, and positive things in life as we journey through it.

2. Tingling in the Ears

If you have noticed a high-pitched ringing sound in your ear while deep in thought, it is a sign that your spiritual guide is close by. This ringing sound in your ear often occurs when you experience strong emotions such as happiness, love, or pure joy. The ringing in your ear may be a sign that your spiritual guide is trying to get your attention.

During the ringing, you may be receiving information or messages from the spiritual realm, or it could be the answers to your prayers, guidance, or predictions. You do not need to fully understand the messages, but the information received is stored in your subconscious which then affects your decision-making and actions.

3. Unexpected Blue Light Flashes

While meditating or in deep thoughts, you may see a flash of light or energy. The light will remain until you feel the presence of a spirit guide.

The light can also come at times when you feel high emotions or thoughts. This light should not be perceived as disturbing or intrusive because your spirit guides are gentle. However, if the light continues for a longer period of time, becomes intense, or is disturbing, it may indicate a physical problem and you may need to see a doctor.

4. You Will Experience Small Coincidences

Small coincidences that you experience are the works of your spiritual protectors. For example, when you feel unloved and alone, your mother may suddenly visit you and bring you the meal you always love. Or, when you think your money is running out, you may find a small amount of money in your wallet that you missed.

5. Verification of Your Spirit Guide’s Name

To establish a stronger connection with them, you can truly hear your spirit guide’s name. Meditate, speak to your spirit guides and let them know that you want to establish a deeper relationship with them. Ask them to tell you their names. Then listen to the first name you “hear”. After hearing this name, you will notice it appearing at unexpected times and places.

6. The Need to Write Something

When you feel the urge to write something, start writing immediately. This is a way for your spirit guide to convey a message to you. Your spirit guide can help you generate new ideas for your career advancement or solve a problem you may encounter. So make sure to write down your thoughts and reflect on them.

7. Hearing Your Name

You may feel as if someone has called your name while walking on the street or waiting at a bus stop. You immediately start looking around for the person calling you, but you can’t find anyone because it’s your spirit guide trying to communicate with you. In this case, stop and think about what you were thinking before your name was called.

8. Listening to Music or a Song

You may randomly hear a piece of music or a song in your ear. If they keep repeating, listen carefully. Songs can contain some special messages. This shows the presence of your spiritual guide trying to communicate with you and giving you some messages.

9. Repeating Dreams

If you keep having the same dream repeatedly, your spirit guide may have a message for you in that dream. Write down your repeating dreams and think deeply about them. You may find some connections or messages from your spirit guide in your dreams.

10. Occurrence of Electronic or Mechanical Anomalies

Spirit Guides can also make use of the energy from physical objects. Electronics such as your phone, television, or laptop are the easiest to work with.

When your television screen flickers unexpectedly or the lights in your room flicker, this is a clear sign that your spirit guide is in the room with you.

11. The Need to Highlight a Passage in a Book or Magazine

This usually happens when you’re reading a book, a specific paragraph catches your attention and triggers something inside of you. You then feel the need to emphasize the expression, publish it on social media, or take the book to someone else. This is one of the captivating paths guided by your soul.

Words are very powerful. They can motivate you or break you. That’s why spirit guides use this method because words have the power to stop you and make you think.

12. Experiencing an Unexplained Scent

While driving your car, you suddenly smell the scent of fresh flowers or while relaxing on your balcony, you smell a fragrance used by someone you know. These aromas usually come at strange times and suddenly grab your attention. Your spirit guide may be calling you to make a decision, keeping you away from danger, or simply reminding you of their presence.

13. Sudden Temperature Change

When you are in a closed room and suddenly experience a rise or drop in temperature, this is a sign of the arrival of your spirit guides or that they want to inform you about their existence. Spirit guides are made of pure energy, which explains the change in energy in the room and the temperature change.

14. Sensing a Tingling on the Top of Your Head

When you feel a tingling, itching, or prickling sensation on the top of your head, it is because your spirit guides are trying to grab your attention from the crown chakra. This effect is quite similar to the ringing in your ears. Your spirit guide is transferring information and guidance from your crown chakra.

15. You Feel Pressure in Your Third Eye

This is similar to the crawling sensation on top of your head. Spirit guides generally penetrate the intuitive part of your brain. You will likely feel a pressure in the middle of your forehead. Don’t ignore these feelings, as it means your spirit guides are trying to connect with you.

16. Sudden Flickering of Thoughts and Emotions

Even if you are thinking about completely different scenarios, thoughts or emotions can suddenly overwhelm you. This is because your spirit guide is trying to convey a message to you.

17. Seeing Groups of Three

You may begin to see things in groups of three. There are two ways to see trios; you can see three birds of the same species flying in the sky, or you can see trio sets that resemble the same number like three sets of 4:44 on a digital device. This is a sign that your spiritual guide is trying to tell you something important.

18. Your Pets Behave Differently

If you notice your dog standing still in a corner of your house without moving or your cat looks restless, the reason is your spirit guides. Animals are more sensitive to spiritual entities than humans. When your pets behave strangely, take advantage of this opportunity and communicate with your spirit guide.

19. Seeing the Same Person Repeatedly

Have you seen the same person under different and strange conditions? You haven’t really met this person, but you keep seeing them. If this has happened to you multiple times, clear up all the uncertainties and approach the person bravely. They may have an important message for you.

If all or some of these signs are observed by you, then you should know that you have a guide who is guiding you and wants to be in contact with you. Try to understand their messages and communicate with them through meditation. Communicating with your spirit guide is not as difficult as you think. Always be sensitive to the changes around you.