Spirit Guide – Does Your Avatar Merge With You?


The transition you are making is very critical and a part of this transition is to manifest higher consciousness. To reach the ultimate stage, you need to learn to respond more compassionately and work while facing daily life.

Many believe that in such a situation, our advanced future incarnation merges with us. But, due to our alignment with the orbit around the Milky Way and our Galactic positioning, the portals to other dimensions are now accessible to us. And this alignment makes higher consciousness more accessible.

Some refer to high energy as an avatar that joins us as a guide. But be careful. Our limiting beliefs open us and thus the need arises to cleanse ourselves. The avatar will be your personal guide and will help you solve all your problems.

You will start to feel that your guide lives within you and that you live within the guide (Creator). And for this you need to cleanse yourself. You will realize that the guidance speaks in several different ways.

Here are some natural ways of guidance without the use of words:

  • Physical sensations or intuitive feelings
  • Desires
  • Scents
  • A sense of discernment
  • Miraculous answers to your prayers
  • Pleasure or discomfort in your emotional field.


When we experience these signs, it is a sign of our attention to truth and not being influenced by the fear and opinions of others.

Have you ever experienced the presence of a guide? Do you sometimes feel that your higher self is more connected to you?