One Technique for Opening Your Third Eye

Third Eye
Third Eye

The pineal gland, also known as the Third Eye, can help you experience higher spiritual frequencies and connect to them by activating. This small endocrine gland located in the center of the brain helps produce hormones necessary to regulate your wakefulness and sleep cycle.

The name of the pineal gland comes from the Latin word “pinea,” meaning “pine cone.” The pineal gland is the size of a pea and has a shape similar to a pine cone.

A Simple Exercise to Open Your Third Eye

  • This simple exercise can help you open your third eye and activate your pineal gland. It utilizes a mantra that needs to be pronounced with the proper rhythm and intonation.
  • Firstly, sit down with your back straight.
  • Then, make sure you are breathing in through your nose. Hold your breath as long as you comfortably can.
  • Open your mouth and create a small space between your upper and lower teeth. The tip of your tongue should remain between the separated teeth.
  • Apply gentle pressure to your tongue using your upper teeth. Your tongue should be in a position similar to when you say “TH” in the word “the”.
  • While keeping your tongue in the correct position, slowly release your breath and exhale a long breath saying T-H-O-H-H. The mantra should be pronounced similar to the word “Toe”.
  • Say T-H-O-H with each breath you take and feel the vibration in your tongue between your teeth. Air should pass through your tongue, between your upper and lower teeth. If you feel pressure in your cheeks and jaw, you are doing it correctly.
  • The vibration you feel will also be felt by your third eye.
  • Repeat the entire process continuously five times in a row.

This exercise should be performed consecutively for three days. Afterwards, observe any changes in your body and perception.

What to Expect When You Open Your Third Eye

When you open your Third Eye, you may see blue, white, purple colors as well as intense white dots. Additionally, you may see various images in your mind when you close your eyes immediately before falling asleep. These mental images can be vivid or blurry. These types of images may be dimensions that you are receiving. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you may also be receiving higher vibrations.

How to Close Your Third Eye

The best way to close your Third Eye is to visualize an invisible eyelid in the center of your forehead. Then, place your finger on the invisible eyelid and slowly pull down your Third Eye’s “eyelid” to close it.

If you want to open your Third Eye, it is best to do it for the purpose of developing and bettering yourself, not for superficial reasons such as entertainment.

Opening your Third Eye is a process that should be done with respect and care. Remember, the universe returns the same level of sincerity you give it.