8 Strange Signs Showing That You’re Being Watched Over by a Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels

A guardian angel protects you during difficult times and guides you towards great life opportunities. Some people seek advice or guidance from their guardian angel when making tough decisions in life. Every soul has a guardian angel, but many people don’t know it because they don’t know what to look for to detect their presence. Guardian angels can come to us in many ways. Sometimes they are the spirits of loved ones or family members who have passed on. At other times, they are simply divine spirits who are following someone’s path. All of these forms are invisible. However, you can observe the presence of a guardian angel in something that may appear as ordinary signs or events.

Guardian angels don’t necessarily have to show themselves in an angelic form for their presence to be seen. Instead, a protective angel can draw your attention to an important message or you may have sensory feelings that indicate the angel’s proximity. Here, I will discuss 8 unusual signs that show a protective angel is watching over you.

1. Flashes and Light Flickering

Sometimes, guardian angels will communicate their presence through light. These lights may flicker without any direct source, or they may be a sunbeam striking a window. The lights will not always be in the form of a distinct flash. They may be light glimmers that you see from the corner of your eye. Soft glows that stream through a window in sunlight can also be a sign. Flickering lights in the dark can also be another indication of a guardian angel being close by. As spiritual beings, guardian angels communicate their presence in the physical world through natural elements such as light.

2. Indirect Signs and Messages

Light can be a visible form that guardian angels can use to indicate their presence. However, they can also direct your attention to signals in the physical world that deliver a message. Such a sign can be a billboard or a sign in a shop window. It can be a phrase or statement that catches your attention. If you are seeking guidance for a difficult question, a protective angel can suggest the right path through indirect signs.

3. Physical Signs

If you have seen a cloud resembling an angel before, it could be a sign from the guardian angels. Such signs could include clouds, rainbows, or finding a white feather. You may not see the form, but by admiring the beauty of nature, you can sense the presence of the angel. To sense the presence of the angel, simply concentrate on the earthly sign and listen to your soul.

4. Babies and pets can sense the Guardian Angels

Babies and pets still retain the ability to see beyond what we consider to be everyday reality. You may have seen a baby looking at something that you cannot see and they are giggling. Or, you may have seen your dog staring at something that appears to be invisible to you and wagging their tail. Babies and pets have not been trained to make a clear distinction between “real” and “unreal,” so they can detect divine entities. By observing the reactions of babies and pets, you can sense the presence of a guardian angel without actually seeing it.

5. Sweet Sounds

“In the days before modern psychiatry, hearing sounds was not always seen as a sign of mental illness. Hearing sounds that bring peace and warmth to one’s soul is not something to be feared. A guardian angel can speak to the person being protected with a gentle voice or whispers. If you are hearing your guardian angel, take a moment to feel their presence. Try to engage in inner prayer or speak out loud with them. This is a special divine connection that not everyone has, and it should not be ignored.

6. Unspoken Thoughts

If you have a thought that is out of the ordinary, it could be your guardian angel trying to communicate with you. Guardian angels can guide you throughout your life through psychic channels. They can use their non-physical power to send you the thoughts you need to make the right decisions in life. These thoughts may also be a simple act of assurance.”

7. Soothing Scents

Guardian angels can express their presence through all human senses, including the sense of smell. If you detect a soft, floral fragrance or a scent you think is like perfume, it could be your guardian angel. Any pleasant scent that lingers and has no identifiable source could be a sign from your protective angel.

8. Divine Intervention

There are times in a person’s life where they can escape a fatal event. Even seemingly miraculous events are still worth paying attention to. This can be something like escaping a terrible traffic accident two minutes after leaving your home due to a delay, or an event that initially seems like bad news but later turns out to be a good thing.

Many people see these small events as good luck. But in reality, they are signs that your guardian angel has taken steps to protect you. Divine intervention is a specific sign of your guardian angel. Even if the signs are not noticeable, your guardian angel can let you know of their presence by keeping you safe from harm.

These various signs can help you become aware of your guardian angels presence. But your guardian angel is always there with you, no matter what. If you haven’t noticed it before, it’s because you need to learn what to pay attention to.

By observing the small details in life, you will begin to notice divine beings in every aspect of your life. And, make sure to always thank your guardian angel. This will make your valuable connection even stronger.