How Can You Interpret Signs from Your Spirit Guides?


A spirit guide has been assigned to you from the day you were born and will remain with you for the rest of your life. Throughout your life, particularly when you encounter challenges that fall within their areas of expertise, more spirits may come into your life and then stay temporarily until they have finished their tasks. We all have a spirit guide and each of us has the ability to listen to them. But some of us are naturally aware of our spirit guides and can communicate with them regularly. Our spirit guides communicate with us in different ways because they do not have the same energy frequency as us. In this article, you will learn how to communicate with your spirit guides, receive messages from them, and interpret their messages.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are people who once lived in human bodies like us. They have already learned all the lessons on earth, so there is no need for them to reincarnate again in human form after their deaths. They now live in the Spirit World and continue to serve as Spirit Guides for those still living on earth.

They are our invisible helpers who are always there to guide, protect, and support us. They have lived this world many times and have experienced the same experiences and problems as you. Therefore, they are aware of how to handle your current situations.

Our spirit guides can see what is happening in our lives, and when the time comes for intervention, there are many ways they can help us.

How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides?

Your spirit guides are always there to provide protection and guidance, so it’s important to regularly communicate with them. They can only help you if you ask for it.

To improve the quality of your life and provide a strong source of guidance, clarity and support on your life path, you need to develop a relationship with them. Connecting with them is easy, you just need to open yourself up to them by going to a peaceful place and calming your mind, so you can start communicating with them.

You also need to ask for their names. This way, you show your trust and belief in their existence. Their names can come from books, songs, conversations, or even sprayed on the wall with spray paint.

Another way to communicate with them is by writing letters. You can write your guide’s name on a piece of paper to express your intention to connect with them. Regardless of what problem you need their insight for, you can ask for their intuition, clarity and guidance.

And you can be sure that their answers will come to you, but they often come in unexpected ways, such as signs or things you can label as coincidences.

Connecting with your spirit guides should be a relaxing and peaceful experience. It should not be a frightening, scary or creepy experience. Talking to them even during a difficult time will fill your heart with peace.

Interpreting Your Messages

Your guides use many different methods to communicate with you. It takes time to learn to listen and interpret messages from your spirit guides. So, you need to be patient.

Some of the most common ways your spirit guides communicate with you include:

  1. Sequences of Numbers or Patterns: Repeatedly seeing the same numbers or patterns, or repeatedly looking at the clock and seeing the same time, is a message that they are around you, have received your message, and are in the process of making it a reality.
  2. Lights or Orbs: Small lights or orbs in your photos that flicker, can be messages from your spirit guides. This means they are nearby, assuring you that you won’t feel alone. Your guide wants you to trust that they are working at the right time.
  3.  Hearing a Song/Music: If you have random songs that seem to be playing or repeating, this could be a sign from your guides and the song played usually carries a special message for you to pay attention to. It may also be a sign that you need to relax and go with the flow.
  4. Specific Scents: Sometimes scents can smell odd at random times. It could be a floral scent to grab your attention from your childhood memories. This is their way of encouraging you to make a decision, focus, and trust in something bigger than yourself for guidance.
  5. Hearing Your Name Called: Did you hear your name being called but there’s no one around? This means that your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. This means that you should stop, listen, and pay more attention to what you’re thinking before your name is mentioned.
  6. Automatic Writing: The urge to sit down and write something is another sign that your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you. Your spirit guide can use your writing to show you the right direction at the moment. Sit comfortably with a piece of paper or pen in front of your computer, allow your guide to take over, and freely write down the message they’re trying to send you.
  7. High-Pitched Bell Sound: You may hear a high-pitched bell sound, especially during moments of deep thought or when considering questions. This is a sign that your spirit guides are around and they want you to pay close attention to the current situation. You may need to hear something important or there may be something around you that you need to pay close attention to.
  8. Recurrent or Vivid Dreams: If you see the same dream repeatedly or have a highly vivid dream, it’s best to write down what it means later on. Most of the time, the feeling left behind by the dream holds the answer. The spirit world loves to use the dream state to send messages because they have the freedom to create scenarios with colors, magic, and fantasies.

Spirit guides can connect with you in many ways, so you need to be willing to open up to their messages and perceive them. Always ask for their guidance and be attentive to the signs sent along your way. Be grateful for the assistance and guidance provided by your spirit guides.