Spirit Guides: High Powers that Care About Us

Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides

Do you want to understand the higher power that guides and values us in all our efforts? From the beginning of our spirit’s existence, we are assigned to these loving beings that nourish, educate and care for us at every step of the way. When we are born into the world, these loving beings are confident that we will find our true purpose by continuing to help and guide us throughout our lives. We call them spirit guides. Our spirit guides always stay with us, helping us in our spiritual and worldly endeavors.

Throughout history, many people have documented their experiences or understandings of spirit guides. Although we may not see or interact with them while we are incarnated on Earth, we instinctively know that they are around us somewhere, and they will stay with us throughout our lives to help us in our various endeavors.

Spirit guides are advanced souls who have completed reincarnation cycles and are now helping us achieve the same. Their levels of consciousness and methods of training can vary and this can affect the level of impact they have on our lives.

The Impact of a Spirit Guide

Our spirit guides are always aware of what is happening in our lives because they have been helping us throughout our entire lives. They can impact our lives in many different ways while we are on Earth. Spirit Guides interact with us in the following ways:

1. Through Intuition

Intuition is a captivating feeling, so unique and deep that it can be difficult to explain. When necessary, our spirit guides may send us insights as glimmers of intuition. We may not necessarily know where the intuition is coming from, but it is always of great importance. Many of us tend to stray away from our intuitive abilities and this is truly unfortunate for them because intuition is a valuable source of information.

Intuition can also be the result of lessons we have mastered in previous reincarnations. When you have a feeling of knowing something “instinctually,” this may be because your spirit guide is sending you necessary information or because you have already learned the lesson in a previous reincarnation and your soul knows what is best for you.

2. The Intuitive Feeling Route

At times, we experience an unsettling feeling that we can’t understand. Many people experience this strange feeling and don’t truly understand what it is. The ‘intuitive feeling’ comes about when a spirit guide is trying to convey something important to us, and the purpose of this strange feeling is to bring us to an awareness of a certain reality or to question our current decision. Paying attention to such feelings is usually a good idea.

3. Impossible Situations

At times, we can all agree that we’re in a rush and everything just falls into place in a disorganized manner. For example, we can all relate to the frustrating experience of trying to find our keys when running late for work. As a result of misplacing our keys, something interesting or important may happen that we would have missed if we had found our keys earlier. These are always situations created by our spirit guides (with higher guidance), ensuring a specific event takes place. (Throughout our lives, there are pre-determined specific events for us to experience and master certain lessons and they are all for our spiritual progress)

4. Coincidental Encounters

Many of us have experienced meeting someone years later and might consider it a happy coincidence. Our spirit guides tend to arrange these types of encounters, so often they are anything but coincidental. Famous psychologist Carl Jung studied these seemingly impossible coincidences and eventually coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to explain them. As with things in the workplace, he understood that there are higher powers that bring about specific events, just as with these coincidental meetings.

The Infinite Existence of Spirit Guides

Many people experience these types of things and when we think about them, they are quite deep experiences that are mysterious and confusing. These types of events are often the result of our spiritual guides who look at us in ways that are beyond our understanding. It is entirely possible to interact with our spiritual guides, all we need to do is make contact with their spiritual side. This often involves the intricacies of life and our need to be more open to them.

If we are aware of the fact that they try to influence our lives, and consciously look for their signs, we can align our actions with their insights. What could be better than relying on a spiritual energy or an entity with the sole purpose of guiding you in life? Just try to be more open by listening to your intuition and develop a habit of relying on your instincts when your mind is confused. Be always careful of their signs, as they may not always work in harmony with us. However, with some awareness, most people have successfully synced with their spirit guides.

Meditation is a beautiful practice that helps us reach spiritual awareness. Set aside a few minutes from your life and start meditating. The peace and excitement you feel after meditation is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. It will also help you become more open to the signals from your spiritual guide.

Another way to become more synchronized with your spirit guide is to try to communicate with them during your dreams. Lucid dreaming is when people become aware that they are dreaming while they are asleep. This means that they have some control over the direction of their dreams. It is one of the best ways to access your subconscious and communicate with your spirit guide.