Why Can’t Some People Obtain Wisdom from Their Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides

Communicating with spirit guides is a wonderful experience. Their wisdom and intelligence is soothing. When the storms in your life calm down and they assure you that everything will be okay, you will feel joy and peace. They are also meant to help us reach certain spiritual enlightenment levels.

There are people who frequently communicate with their spirit guides, but surprisingly, they don’t receive messages or advice to improve their lives. This is a problem because not being able to obtain wisdom from your spirit guides can create unresolved issues.

In this article, I will discuss why some people can’t obtain wisdom from their spirit guides.

1. Being Controlled by Egos

The term ego in spirituality refers to the misidentification of the self. Your ego is often what prevents new information from entering your system. Many resist change because the ego is too attached to old ways of doing things or habits accumulated over time.

Because it is so stubborn to accept changes and new information, your ego can prevent you from receiving and even believing the truths your spirit guides tell you. Spirit guides operate on the spiritual aspect of the human, the soul. If you remain under the strong influence of your ego, then you will not be able to effectively communicate with your spirit guides.

2. Experiencing Spiritual Imbalance

Having an Effective Communication with your Spirit Guides and Understanding what they are Telling You requires a balance between the three aspects of your personality – your mind, body, and soul.

However, there are things that can cause imbalance between these three aspects. Being addicted to worldly pleasures such as excessive smoking, drinking, and similar bad habits can cause imbalances between the mind, body, and soul.

If the imbalance between the mind, body, and soul continues, you will consistently fail to understand and internalize the insights your spirit guides offer you.

3. Having a Complete Misunderstanding about the Functions and Responsibilities of Spirit Guides in Life.

Spirit Guides, as the term suggests, are your guides. This means that they are sent from the spiritual realm to accompany and guide you on your journey of life. Miscommunication between you and your Guide will continue until the role of Spirit Guides in your life is made clear and fully accepted.

4. Not Maintaining Regular Communication with Your Spiritual Guides

Maintaining regular communication with your spirit guides is crucial in building a close relationship between you and them. Some people may struggle with speaking to their spirit guides as if they are a part of their lives.

What you need to do is fully integrate your spirit guides into all aspects of your life. If you don’t maintain regular communication with your spirit guides, you will have difficulty fully absorbing the wisdom they want to give you.

5. Ignoring What Your Spirit Guides Tell You Deliberately.

The worst thing to do is to intentionally ignore the advice of your spirit guides. This will not only create a distance between you and your spirit guides, but it will also eventually lead to them moving away from your life.

You should not ignore their advice unless they tell you to do something that is against your will (close to impossible!). Remember that they are your guides. They are meant to provide you with good advice in order to protect your well-being. You can avoid such a situation by learning to appreciate the wisdom from your spirit guides.