Things You Never Knew About Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are helping you more than you think. The phrase “Nobody knows you better than your guardian angel and nobody loves you more” holds even more truth. Your guardian angels have been with you from the beginning and they know more about you than you do. In just a few moments, you will discover many things you never knew about guardian angels.

Things You Never Knew About Guardian Angels

Angels possess more than just superhuman intelligence, they know more about you than you can imagine. They know everything about your past lives, your life purpose, and your soul mates.

You Have Lived Many Past Lives

Your soul never really dies, only the physical body does. You have lived many times in another body, another time, and another place. Some people have been reincarnated hundreds of times. Reincarnation is the reincarnation of a human soul in a different physical body. People reincarnate for two reasons:

  1. Karma: Karma is the law of cause and effect. There will always be a reaction to every action you take in life. Karma is created by your thoughts and actions in this life, and it will be carried with you and have an effect in your next life. Your current life is the result of your karma or actions from previous lives. You will be reborn until you pay off your karmic debts. Karmic debts arise when your soul performs an action in a past life, and you still need to collect the effects of the action in a future life.
  2. Spiritual Perfection: To reach spiritual perfection, your soul must take life lessons. These lessons allow your soul to learn the lessons necessary in each life and by doing so, reach a higher spiritual level. You will be reborn until all necessary lessons are learned and all your goals are reached.

You Choose When You Are Reborn

When your physical body dies, your soul leaves it and enters the spiritual world. Your soul can stay in the world of spirits for an indefinite time until you choose to be reborn. The details of your reincarnation are planned before you actually reincarnate and you play an active role in drawing the map for your next life.

To discuss the details of your reincarnation, you meet with Master Teachers who were once human but have since reached spiritual perfection. You will choose the souls you want to reincarnate with, such as playing roles in a game, soul mates, and soul groups. These are the souls you loved and lived with in previous lives. Also, your Protective Angels and Spirit Guides who will accompany you in your next reincarnation will be there.

During this meeting with your Master Teachers, you will also create your soul contract. Your soul contract includes all the lessons you need to learn in your next life, what your life purpose will be, and the other souls, Protective Angels, and Spirit Guides that will help you fulfill your life purpose.

When You Are Born, You Have At Least One Guardian Angel By Your Side

Guardian angels are loyal companions who are with you in both physical and spiritual realms. These beautiful beings of pure light protect, guide, and assist you throughout many stages of your life.

Your Guardian Angels were with you before you were born and were present during the planning process of this life. Therefore, they are aware of the details of your soul agreement. At the time of your birth, at least one Guardian Angel is sent to you. On average, a person will have 20 to 30 Guardian Angels who will protect and assist them throughout this life.

Guardian Angels never leave your side, no matter what. However, there may be other Guardian Angels that come into your life at certain stages when you need them. Once they have served their purpose, they will continue with their objectives.

You Have Had at Least One Spirit Guide Since You Were Born

Like your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides are here to give you advice and protect you. Spirit Guides are spirits who were once human but have mastered all earthly lessons, so they do not need to be reincarnated.

Since the moment you were born, you have had a primary Spirit Guide. Other Spirit Guides may enter your life at specific stages. On average, a person will have 30-60 Spirit Guides who will remain with them for the rest of their life.,

Your Angels Protect You from Danger and Dark Entities

Having protective angels who guard you from all the dangers and negative entities in this world is truly a blessing. People are often unaware of the threats surrounding them and most people will never know of the invisible battles that include protective angels and dark entities.

Your protective angels work hard to repel invisible spirits that feed off your energy and cause you to feel weak. Dark entities are evil spirits that live in the demonic realm and their main goal is to keep people from reaching higher spirituality.

When you have a protective angel by your side, negative entities will find it difficult to approach or attach to you. Your protective angels are experts in preventing these attacks and in keeping negative entities away.

Now that you know these things about your angels, it may surprise you to learn that they have been talking to you since your first day in this world, you just do not recognize their language.