How to Know if Your Spirit Guides are Trying to Communicate with You

Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides

Soul guides are light and energy beings assigned to guide us throughout our lives. They help us fulfill the agreement we made with ourselves before we were born. We may have chosen our soul guides before incarnating to assist us in specific areas where we need guidance. When it’s time for our guides to offer help, they align with our energy and guide us in fulfilling our earthly tasks. However, if we become closed off to the idea of spiritual guidance, our guides may struggle to communicate with us. As a result, they may have to work hard to get our attention. Signs of Spirit Guides Attempting to Communicate with You

1. Meaningful Coincidences

When your soul guides try to guide you, you may encounter many strange ‘coincidences’ in your life. This is a sign that they are trying to get your attention. Pay attention to the coincidences in your life so that you can start to understand the guidance that your soul guides are offering.

2. Important Objects

Often times, your soul guides will guide you by placing important objects for your journey in your path.

3. Vivid Dreams Or Visions

Our soul guides often visit us in dreams and visions. When we are asleep, semi-awake, or meditating, our busy mind becomes quiet and allows our guides to be heard.

You should keep a dream journal next to your bed or meditation spot to take note of your dreams. Don’t use a dream dictionary when analyzing your dreams. Instead, think about what the events in the dream mean to you and how they are related to your life circumstances.

4. Detecting an Entity – Spirit Guides

Often, our spirit guides are with us but we don’t see them. Babies, young children, and pets who haven’t been taught to ignore these signs, often see them even when we don’t. If you see a baby or pet looking intently at a certain spot, they might be following the spirit guide.

When you’re open and receptive, you’ll start to notice the signs of the guide’s presence. Shadows from the corner of your eye, sudden pleasant scents, an important song playing or just a deep sense of peace can be noticed.

You might also see lights, colors or orbs when a spirit guide is present or hear a high-pitched melody in your ears. Or, you might catch a sound like someone calling your name.

5. Words and Numbers

Your spirit guides may attempt to communicate with you through words or numbers. If you regularly see specific numbers such as 333 or 777, or you notice that you often see 11:11 on the clock, these could be signs that your guides are trying to communicate with you.

Your guides may also communicate with you through words. If you read a line from a poem, a passage from a book, or a song lyric that evokes strong emotions in you, listen carefully to see what guidance they are offering.

You may also have a strong urge to write or keep a journal, and when you do, the words may feel like they are coming from somewhere other than your own mind. Pay attention to the words and see what they are trying to tell you about your life and journey.

If you think that your guides are trying to communicate with you or if you want to be open to spiritual guidance in your life, you need to quiet your rational mind and align with a more intuitive being. You can do this by spending quiet time in nature or through meditation.