Accessing the Akashic Records to Improve Your Life

Akashic Records
Akashic Records

As the name suggests, the Akashic Records will allow you to receive answers to any question related to your current, past, and future life. Before reading the Akashic Records, it is important to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be. In preparation for reading the Akashic Records, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and get a good rest the day before. It is also important to avoid consuming alcohol or taking unnecessary medication. Prepare your questions in advance. As you will be looking into the psychic Akashic Records you can ask anything you want with full meaning.

Before reading the Akashic Records, try to pray, meditate or communicate with divine power. Doing so will make it easier to read the Akashic Records. Lastly, try to relax and calm your nerves, as being relaxed will help you to get more out of the experience.

How to Ask Questions While Reading the Akashic Records

When asking questions, be as specific as possible. To get specific answers, you need to ask specific questions. If you ask vague questions, you will get vague and useless answers. For example, a general question would be: “What can I do to increase my chances of achieving my goals?” This is a general question because it does not specify what your specific goal is. Are you asking about financial goals? Fitness goals? With this question, you are likely to get a vague answer.

A more specific question would be: “What can I do to increase my chances of achieving my financial goals in my career?” This is a specific question that will get you a specific answer, because you are specifically asking about financial goals in your career.

Ask Meaningful Questions

You can ask any question about your past life, present life, and even your future. You can ask anything! For example, you can ask what you should do for the future. The Akashic Records will rarely tell you what to do, instead, it will provide you with all the information you need to make appropriate decisions for your future.

The future is not absolute because there is a free will and the choices you make today determine what tomorrow will bring. Therefore, the future mentioned during the reading is only one of the many possibilities available to you.

What to Expect from Reading the Akashic Records

Reading the Akashic Records allows you to understand who you are at the soul level. You will be able to discover your specific talents and gifts. Additionally, you will uncover any blocks that are preventing you from achieving what you deserve in this lifetime.

Other Things You Can Get From an Akashic Record Reading:

  • Reading the Akashic Records will provide clarity on life conditions and recent events, such as family, relationships, health, finances, and career.
  • Uncovering recurring patterns and habits that may be causing unexplained pain and figuring out what actions to take to resolve them.
  • Understand how to best serve the highest good of your current situations, gain a higher perspective on these situations.
  • Clarity around your purpose in life

Can I Change My Future?

If you can’t change your future, what would be the purpose of looking into the Akashic Records? The future described during the reading is only one of many possibilities. Therefore, the power to change it exists. Our lives are not predetermined because we have choices. The decisions we make now affect the outcome of any situation.

What Should I Do After Reading the Akashic Records?

When reading Akashic Records, pay attention to what you learn and apply it in your life. If you learn that you were a politician in a past life, then you can consider making a career in politics in this area.

If you learn that you have done some bad things in a past life, you can make amends by doing good things in the present. For example, you can help a local charity or occasionally help a random stranger.

In short, by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself through accessing the Akashic Records psychically, you can use the information learned to make positive changes in your life. By accessing past lives and current life information, you can gain insight and knowledge to improve your present life.