The Simple Method of Attracting Luck, Money, and Love using a Needle. Money and Love Rituals

Money and Love Rituals
Money and Love Rituals

We tend to forget old, yet effective methods that can bring desired outcomes in pursuit of prosperity. With the help of simple practices, you can attract luck, money, and love. A needle is a universal item that can be found in everyone’s home. You can protect yourself and your home from negative energies and evil eyes with the power of the needle. The rituals performed using a needle will help bring good luck and prosperity in your life. Let’s now look at the Money and Love rituals

Attracting Luck with the Help of a Needle

At Midnight, Take Your Smallest Needle and Find a Quiet Place. Place it on a clean pot and light a candle. Then say the following words:

“A small needle is a great happiness. I’m starting good luck and getting rid of my problems. I’m carrying a needle with me and I’m not telling anyone. I’m attracting prosperity into my life.”

Apply the melted candle several times and leave it until morning. Then remove the drying candle and fix the needle in a place that is not noticeable on your clothes.

Attracting Money with the Help of a Needle

You will need fake paper money that can be printed or purchased at a stationery or souvenir store. Get a gold-colored needle, place it in water for a few minutes, and then pierce as many of the fake bills as possible with the needle. Pay attention to the needle having a loop. Pierce as many bills as you can with the looped needle. And say the following words:

“The needle is sharp and fast, I’ve found and collected money. I tightly held onto them, returned with profit.”

Place this money, which you’ve used to attract financial prosperity, next to your real money, so the energy of the money will increase even more. You can carry this money with you or place it in a place where you can protect your savings.

Attracting Love with the Help of a Needle

Cut two hearts from red fabric and write the initials of yourself and the person you love. Light a red candle and place the hearts on top. Heat the needle with the flame of the candle and say the following words:

“I inspire genuine love in my heart. My feelings, love, and heart are pure. I attract true love into my life.”

Cool the needle and secure the hearts with it. Then place it under your pillow while sleeping at night. Wait to see the person you love in your dreams. If there is any confusion in your dreams, repeat this practice after 3 days.