5 Signs of an Energy Vampire Draining Your Time and Energy

Energy Vampires
Energy Vampires

One of the definitions of an energy vampire, who seems to be in tune with reality, is a person who is lacking in life energy and forces (usually unconsciously) to take energy from another instead of their own high self. This means that anyone, including yourself, friends and relatives, can fall into an energy vampires situation. However, it is important to keep in mind that the intention is good, but staying in an energy deficient state can have serious consequences and even cause real health problems.

Why You Should Be Careful With Energy Vampires

Maintaining your own energy balance and being able to identify when someone has become an energy vampire is crucial. Knowing the signs can help you protect your own energy. In most cases, energy vampires are people in your close surroundings, acquaintances, and even family members.

If someone is misusing your energy, you need to know how to protect yourself. There are also situations where you need to show tough love in order to help the other person get back on their path.

Everyone is responsible for realizing the potential given to them at birth and it’s extremely important for them to protect their own energy to effectively achieve that potential.

5 Signs of an Energy Vampire – Does Any of These Resemble Someone You Know?

Here are five signs to keep in mind when interacting with people, of an energy vampire. There’s nothing really frightening about energy or psychic vampires. When you understand the physics behind the energy-information field, you can help others by effectively balancing your own energy.

1. Do You Check Who Is Calling?

Those who are accustomed to using energy negatively are usually the ones who initiate the call and do so at an inconvenient time for you. They appear to sense that you are vulnerable. We are all connected in the energy-information field.

When an energy vampires senses that your attention has shifted elsewhere, they will quickly try to reclaim you to reestablish the emotional connection.

So, when you are involved in something important, don’t forget to turn off your phone or ignore the call. If you absolutely need to answer the phone, make sure to let the caller know that you are very busy, and if there’s no serious danger, say that you will call back later. This will help you maintain your concentration and complete your task with quality.

Try to limit the calls to about 5-15 minutes. Usually, if the call lasts longer and you are not discussing something important, the person on the other end is tapping into your energy.

2. Do You Value Your Time?

An energy vampire values their time more than yours, so they will always keep you waiting. But there are also people for whom being late is part of their character.

If you are one of these people, make sure to make up for the time someone spent waiting for you (a genuine hug, a smile, or a small gift can work). If someone behaves as if it’s your fault when they are late, it’s a good sign that they are ready to drain your energy.

You should never forget that you are a valuable entity. Make sure to value your time and others’ time.

3. Do You Know Someone Who’s Always Struggling and Only You Can Help Them?

It’s quite obvious that people without their own energy often find themselves in trouble. Prolonged imbalance in their energy centers can lead to problems in both personal and professional life, as well as illnesses.

The first thing to remember is that “bad things won’t happen in life just because you did something wrong, but because you did something right”. If someone you know is going through a tough time, you can offer advice and, if possible, help them with your surplus energy. However, don’t forget that everyone has their own lessons and experiences to go through in life.

4. Do You Know Someone You Can Turn To for Help When You Need It?

There’s a simple way to test someone’s energy level. You can ask them for help on something. People who are lacking in energy will do their best not to give it away to others. Energy vampires are used to taking energy, not giving it.

Also, be wary of those who are eager to help you at a cost that exceeds the benefits of their help. Asking for help can be a very useful skill, the key is to keep the energy exchange fair.

5. Do you know anyone who is bored with life?

If someone is in pain about life and always complaining, it is a sign that person is an energy vampire. Energy vampires try to attract attention in every possible way.

So, in order for them to reach the next level of spiritual evolution, you will have to allow them to go. If you want to increase your potential and achieve your goals, you should do your best to be with people who have similar thoughts and who can help you reach your dreams. Those who are bored with life will only drain your energy and prevent you from realizing your creative self.

These basic signs can help you identify an energy vampire and give you the chance to maintain a healthy energy exchange with the people you know, while preventing others from misusing the energy sharing request. If you are an empath or very sensitive to energy, you may consider learning more advanced energy protection techniques.