Techniques to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts
Negative Thoughts

Living with negative thoughts is impossible and avoiding them is quite difficult. Therefore, we must all become proficient in techniques for getting rid of negative thoughts. They are quite simple, you just need to remember them when you are engulfed by a wave of negative feelings, thoughts, or events.

Techniques to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

1. Cutting Negative Thoughts

If you think a negative thought has entered your mind, cut it off. No need for analysis, discussion, or defense against it. Simply separate the thought from yourself and replace it with something else. And most importantly, do it immediately as soon as you catch the thought in yourself.

2. Move Away From Negative Thoughts

This technique is different from the first one, it consists of not getting rid of the thought but moving away from it and observing it as if from the sidelines. By observing in this way, we do not allow it to take control of us. You say to yourself, “What is happening to me?” Now, a thought like this came to me – you already name it within quotation marks, so you define its place. And you just watch. If you react to negative thoughts and don’t analyze them objectively, remember that they have power over you.

3. Overcome Negative Thoughts

Another effective technique is to exaggerate a negative thought to the point of absurdity as soon as you find it in yourself. The important thing is to make it funny. If you get caught up in a negative thought, imagine it in the most humorous way possible. What’s happening to you, what are they saying to you, how do they look and what are they doing… Exaggerate it, laugh at it, bring it to a silly point. This helps you to remain powerless to the negative thought.

4. Reverse Negative Thoughts

We must turn everything that our negative thoughts impose on us upside down. As soon as the thought of not being able to do something comes to mind, put the opposite instead:

Formulate a specific action. If the thought of not being able to achieve financial success comes to mind, immediately tell yourself: “I will definitely achieve financial success.

You say, “I’m not good at anything, I’m not worthy of anything.” Instead, say, “I’m worthy of everything, I’m extraordinary.” The essence of the technique is that it’s impossible to think about negative and positive things at the same time, we can only think about one thing at a time.

The moment you get rid of a negative thought from your consciousness and replace it with a positive thought, the negativity no longer has power over you.

These mind control techniques can work together or separately. As soon as a negative thought comes to mind, you can strike with the first number like a boxer, then add a few second numbers, or maybe send two strikes with the third, and then add the fourth. Most importantly, you don’t allow negativity to take control.