12.12 Make Sure to Apply the Money Attraction Ritual

Money Attraction Ritual
Money Attraction Ritual

Money Attraction Ritual 12/12 is a perfect time for the ritual, just think about what you want to bring into your life. We advise starting a new chapter in life and moving your life in a new direction. Take some time to reflect on how much you have changed and grown during the month of December.

A part of the energy of 12/12 is dedicated to learning how to start life anew. It encourages opportunities for more joy, laughter, and creativity to search for things that make us even happier. 12/12 is a strong day for creating a good goal and then starting to work to turn it into a reality.

Money Attraction Ritual – You can start performing this ritual right away.

1.Step: Start writing for 12 minutes about everything that brings joy to your life. These may be things like joy, happiness, abundance, health, and peace that you want to bring into your life right now. Don’t stop, write down everything that comes to mind immediately!

2.Step: Review what was written and highlight everything that brings you joy. These words and actions will help you understand where to focus your energy and time.

3.Step: Now choose the 3 words or actions that most appeal to you and write them down on a separate piece of paper. Then place your hand on your heart and repeat: “I allow myself to feel. I allow this energy into my life today, I am starting today.”

4.Step: Close your eyes now and imagine how your life will look with this energy present. Imagine how your desired outcome will come to fruition and how you will feel the joy. Reflect on this for 12 minutes.

5.Step: Try to briefly describe your intention, the emotions and thoughts you want to attract into your life, in one sentence. This will help you send a clear desire to the universe. Here are some examples:

  • “My goal is to progress and bring a more calm and peaceful energy into my life.”
  • “My aim is to move forward and allow myself to feel youth and joy again.”

6.Step: Thank your soul and recite the mantra.

“I am aligned, I am one, I create life’s highest path where all my desires are fulfilled. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”