7 Signs That You Have Telepathy


Many people think that telepathy is a difficult task. Mind-to-mind communication seems impossible and very few people know that they possess this ability. Telepathic abilities range from basic mind reading to manipulating the mind of others. It is true that people can develop their telepathic abilities, but talented individuals can create miracles.

7 Signs That You Have Telepathy

A Strange Feeling in the Third Eye Area

The space between your eyebrows is the location of the third eye chakra. When you have telepathic ability, you will experience a strange sensation in this area for two main reasons: either your chakra is opening or you are receiving energy signals, but you are not aware of it. As you develop your powers, you will feel heightened sensations.

You can easily perceive the feelings of others

This quality is also known as empathy. You have the ability to easily pick up on the feelings of others. Even in situations where words are not used, you definitely know what others are feeling.

You feel good when there are positive energies around you and when there are negative energies around you, you feel unhappy. It’s best for you to avoid drama and to stay problem-free.

Strong Connection with Spirituality

You begin to sense the spirits of those around you, both loved ones and strangers. You feel them around you but you don’t know what you are feeling.

As your mind power increases, you also begin to sense spiritual energies. Not only this, but you also feel pulled towards the spiritual world, and you want to know more about it.

Live Dreams

As your telepathic abilities develop, you will begin to have more vivid dreams more frequently. You will now remember most of your dreams, and these dreams will carry special messages for you.

You Want to Be Healthy

As you develop your psychic abilities, you find yourself wanting to eat only healthy foods. Salad becomes more appealing than a burger, and fruits and vegetables become an important part of your diet. These foods are crucial for opening your mind and helping you focus.

Your senses increase in a telepathic sense

As you begin to hear and see things that were previously unheard and unseen, you become very sensitive. You can feel light passing through the corners of your eyes. Your sense of hearing is in better condition than before. When a person is quiet, you can feel them speaking to you within.

Your intuition increases

When something is about to happen, you know it. It comes to you as a vision or a strong intuition. You may be afraid of it, but what is going to happen will happen and there is nothing you can do about it. When developing your telepathic abilities, you need to trust your instincts.