Coping with the Effects of Negative Energy

Negative Energy
Negative Energy

Everyone is affected by negative energy: fatigue, irritability and sudden pain are some of the symptoms of an energy attack. You can use the tips here to fight negative energy. There are moments when something goes wrong for everyone, when a series of failures begins, and illnesses that don’t respond to traditional treatment emerge. Doctors can’t make the right diagnosis and meanwhile the situation gets worse. The body breaks down, the person feels irrational anxiety, detachment, and indifference.

The results of a negative impact are often similar to symptoms of an illness. Observe your physical and emotional health. Maybe the deterioration of well-being, nervous breakdown and irritability, colds or fatigue is not from, but from an energy attack. There’s an easy way to check this. Take two glasses of drinking water. Taste and make sure they’re the same. Take one glass, close it with your right hand, and wait for five minutes. Imagine that your energy has flowed into the glass and filled it. Try the water again. If the taste hasn’t changed and even improved, then it has no effect on you. If the water in the glass tastes bitter, sour or salty, you must clean your energy.

The body detects negativity and energy imbalances, sending alarm signals such as headache, nausea and constant hunger. Anxiety and irritability arise, indifference replaces outbursts of uncontrolled activity. Sudden mood changes that are unusual for you can also be a sign of dangerous exposure. Insomnia alternates with a desire to sleep all day, dreams become chaotic and disturbing. After sleeping, there’s a feeling of greater fatigue, it’s possible to have nightmares and dreams that you escape in panic. There may also be a constant drowsiness and fear of seeing something frightening.

Anger emotions take over, compromising your ability to control them, and relationships with those around you suffer. A previously successful job may suddenly stall or completely collapse. A feeling that everything is slipping out of your grasp, with instances such as dropping dishes or being unable to complete minor tasks and an increase in minor household injuries, especially involving sharp objects.

Methods to Protect Your Energy from Negative Energy

You can protect yourself by meditating. It helps you release your own energy and direct it towards your own safety. During meditation, it’s important to imagine a protective shell and try to expand it like a cocoon to envelope yourself. Clearing your home of negativity is also important to regain energy, not just yourself.