7 Simple Ritual That Can Quickly Improve Your Financial Situation


1. On Monday, we will use the magic of metal. You must count 13 coins exactly 13 times and spend all of them within an hour alone. This ritual can make a person more rational.

2. On Tuesday, you should get a money amulet. To do this, you can tie five, fifty, or hundred bills with a red ribbon or yarn and place them in an empty compartment of your wallet. By doing this, you will attract the money to yourself.

3. On Wednesday, 10 dollars must be converted into coins and distributed to the poor. This ritual will help you get rid of cash problems and clean up cash flows.

4. On Thursday, before leaving the house, you need to fold a 20 dollars note and concentrate mentally on your desire. Ask for help and protection from higher powers. Such a ritual will help attract the attention of patrons in financial matters and send all requests to the universe, and then your wishes will be fulfilled.

5. On Friday, a ritual is performed for the growth of money. To do this, you need to buy any seedling of a houseplant. A plant with thick and large leaves is better. The plant should be brought home and transferred to a new pot. During these actions, imagine that a flower is a financial capital. If it is well taken care of, fed, and loved, it will grow and bloom. It will be the same with money.

6. On Saturday, take a package and put any amount of money in it. The package should be kept in an inaccessible place in the kitchen. With this ritual, you can attract financial aid.

7. On Sunday, there is a final ritual to activate all the magical mechanisms to attract money. To do this, light a green or golden-colored candle at night and go to sleep with the thought that poverty has now left the house and the flow of money will immediately follow. You should sleep with these thoughts.

On the eighth day, a person’s financial energy will become stronger and more attractive.