Ritual for the Lunar Eclipse on May 5th, 2023

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

The May 5, 2023 lunar eclipse is a significant day as the eclipse corridor closes. Currently, everyone can find luck and prosperity through proven practices.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual

The energy of the place changes on the day of the eclipse and will be strengthened by the May lunar eclipse. It is recommended to learn beforehand which life areas will be affected by this event in order to protect yourself. Additionally, the day of the eclipse is worth performing one or more rituals aimed at promoting prosperity.

Financial Application

On the day of the eclipse, place a money-filled bag near your window and cover it with a cloth. Repeat the following sentence:

“I am saving money, attracting my luck, renewing my account. When the eclipse passes, financial wealth will also come to me.”

Afterwards, place the bag with the cloth back into the bag and do not open it for a few hours. Then take out a coin from the inside and place it in a discreet place to ensure that the finances always come to your home.

Good Luck Practice

If you clean the threshold of your front door with salt water from the morning of the eclipse day, you will gain good luck on that day. Then dispose of the dirty water and wipe the thresholds with a clean cloth while repeating the following words;

“Luck will not pass by, it will enter my home. I am cleaning, bringing happiness to my home.”

Ritual to Attract Love

To attract love and escape loneliness, a white candle will be helpful. Place it on a windowsill, light it and gaze into the flame. As the candle begins to drip its first tears, repeat the following words:

“I will not shed any more tears, I will not spend a lonely century, I will not accumulate misfortune, I will love each other reciprocally.”

As the candle burns, love will come to the house and ignite the passion in the two hearts.

If you believe in its power and stay away from negative thoughts, it will be possible to bring positive changes to life. With the right attitude, overcoming temporary difficulties on the path to a happy life will become easier.