The Physics and Mental Body Stress Behind the Akashic Records

Akashic Records
Akashic Records

Can modern science help us understand what lies behind the term “akashic records” and how it is related to what most people know as personal memory?

And more importantly, is it possible to eliminate the negative impact on our current energy state by controlling stress in the unconscious mind?

Online dictionaries tell us that memory is something that the mind uses to store and remember information, or in other words, the memory is where the mind stores our experiences and thought patterns.

To see the full picture and understand memory phenomena better, we can turn to the metaphysics and meanings behind the term “akashic records.”

Akashic records (a Sanskrit word meaning “sky,” “space,” “light,” or “ether”) refers to a collection of higher thoughts, events, and emotional experiences.

Contemporary science has no proof yet that akashic records actually exist. However, there are theories that perfectly describe what the Akashic Records are about.

The worldview of most scientists today is mainly focused on the matter-based level of consciousness, limiting our ability to see the full picture of the energy-information world around us.

Perception is our reality and as long as the majority of human minds limit their worldviews about the universe to matter, we will not be able to evolve further. It seems that people view something as magic or psychic ability until it is explained by a science or authority figure.

According to the energy-information model of the world used in the new spiritual science of Infosomatics, akashic records can be explained through an individual’s mental body.

The infosomatic model of the world explains the consciousness levels and human bodies at higher levels of consciousness: human aura, astral, mental, causal, and other higher consciousness organs.

The visual model offers a way of describing the workings of phenomena such as akaĊĦic records and human memory. It also forms the basis for some techniques that can be used to help eliminate the underlying stress that controls the subconscious of people.

To understand what Akashic Records are about, we need to take into account the human energy shell or aura.

It is generally accepted that a human aura has seven chakras or energy centers.

Essentially, the human body systems and organs are responsible for providing vital energy and information to stay alive. The current state of the energy flow in a human aura can be analyzed by individuals who have gained or been born with the ability to see the human energy shell’s color spectrum and certain devices.

To analyze someone’s past energy flow, we need to add the concept of time to the model of the human energy field, also known as the human aura. From an outside observer’s perspective, the human aura can be perceived as a series of energy-information particles that move through space and time with a “C” terminal velocity.

If an object is moving through space and time, it will lose volume in the direction of the axis of manifestation. The human aura will appear as a disk rather than a sphere.

The series of disks will hold all information about the person’s energy status at a specific point in space and time. These disks are what create a person’s mental body and answer the question of “what are akashic records?”

The above picture gives a visual model of a mental body and what a human life looks like on an energy-information level. When we are born, we receive a certain potential or qualities that we use to create our life not only on a material level, but also on higher consciousness levels.

The shape of the mental body (or personal akashic record) characterizes the experiences lived and shows the quality of energy at a specific point in life.

This can turn into a stress that controls the subconscious and negatively affects the energy that one takes in. Excessive stress on the mental body not only causes problems in the way you think, but can eventually lead to physical illness of the physical body.

Accessing the Akashic Records and Energy Flow visualization techniques, such as the “Powerful Visualization Meditation Technique – DNA Tree”, are used to eliminate the negative effects of subconscious stress and help understand the real reasons for the problems.

Once the techniques are properly applied and stress is released, the person can regain all the energy that was lost in the past, which results in a certain increase in energy for the person today.

NLP practitioners often use a similar approach when asking a person to remember a stressful situation they experienced as a child. The adult is asked to visualize themselves talking to their child self and explaining that everything will be okay.

However, in many cases, people turn to an external energy source when they feel depleted of energy (or on the verge of becoming an energy vampire).

The reality, however, lies in the fact that the solution is usually to clean their own “akashic records” to get more energy. This is for their past actions…

The truth still holds that our minds, including our subconscious, are very resistant to change. Nature often gives us challenges and stressful situations as opportunities to grow, change, and develop. We just have to make sure that stress from the past doesn’t accumulate over time.

Nature wants us to be happy, we just need to see what’s in front of our dreams and learn how to get rid of it.