How the Concept of the Akashic Records Shows Everything Is Connected

Akashic Records
Akashic Records

Many people accept that everything that exists is united. This unity is based on spiritual leaders and common people who travel through life together. Is this unity based on energy or is it based on experiences and a common ground (psychologically speaking)? Now take a moment and look from a different perspective, looking up and at a higher level. Akashic Records

Akashic Record Idea

Many religions accept the idea of Aka┼čik Records, which is defined as a summary of all knowledge and emotions experienced by every conscious being from the beginning of our existence.

Some people in the New Age have used a metaphor comparing the records to a computer hard drive storage center. In order for any system to communicate with another system, there must be some kind of connection.

Therefore, assuming that this concept of information center is factual for everything that exists, every conscious being will be connected to this “storage device.” The effects of this concept seem to explain some commonly recognized features such as empathetic feelings, the idea of luck for beginners, and being an incredibly fast learner.

Connecting to the Akashic Records

For a moment, let’s imagine that not everyone is just connected to the Akashic Records, but that they have some degree of access to it and that we can “read” parts of it according to our needs. It makes sense that some people would be better at reading than others or that they would always delve a bit deeper.

This could explain empathetic people that we are all familiar with. If you enter a room where someone is in a bad mood, no matter how well you try to hide it, there’s someone who can tell just by looking at you.

If the Akashic records, which connect all consciousness and record emotional states and memory, are being “read,” then it makes sense that they would know the current mindset and be influenced by it.

Most of us need to work hard to understand something well and see ourselves as skilled in that area. This can be something as simple as taking a course to learn a trade that will be our career for life, or spending many hours perfecting the mechanics of a video game. Many of us have experienced the situation where someone walks into a game or skill set with no prior knowledge and does better than us right away.

This only happens when they are just starting out, with a fresh and open mind, not knowing what to expect and what is often referred to as the “beginner’s luck.” In my opinion, the existence and connection of Akashic Records can also very well explain this phenomenon.

With an open mind and no expectations for what will come, when blindly walking down an unknown path, that person is more open to being impacted than someone who has been “settled in their own ways.

Being open to the universe is not an easily accessible conscious act, but in situations where there is no prior knowledge in a particular subject, the ability to stay open to interconnectedness is second nature. The ability to rely on thousands of experiences and knowledge becomes second nature.

This is a personal new perspective for me. I have known the concept of Akashic Records since my youth, but I have never applied it to universal interconnectedness in this way before.

It is a given fact for me that we are connected not just to each other, but to everything in our surroundings. The life flower and related sacred geometry support this, and it is not entirely unrelated, but it is not something that I will delve into deeply in this article.

Many religious and spiritual belief structures have a type of universal knowledge base or storage center and this is referred to with different names. Seeing the connection between this center and the core of all life is a humble concept that has made me think of exploring more throughout my life and suggests to others to consider the potential implied by this concept.