Past Life Karma – How It Affects Your Present Day


You probably know the famous saying: ‘You reap what you sow.’ This means that your actions have consequences and this universal law governs the entire universe. Past life Karma is the result of your actions in previous lives. Typically, good actions result in good Karma, while bad actions result in bad Karma.

What is Past Life Karma?

Karma is not a punishment or a reward for those who treat you unfairly. It is more of a cause and effect principle. Karma is the result of the actions you take while on earth, whether good or bad.

Karma is created not only by your actions, but also by your thoughts and intentions. For example, you find out that your colleague has spread lies about you since you got promoted.

Then, you start thinking about ways to hurt or upset this person as a form of retaliation for showing you in a bad light. Even if you don’t plan to act on those thoughts, just thinking about revenge creates bad karma for yourself, even if it’s just in your head.

Your actions and thoughts from past lives also impact who you are today. The life you are living now is a result of the way you lived your past lives.

Your soul carries past life karma with it when it reincarnates. The only thing to do is to find a way to definitively resolve past life karma. Unlike your physical body, your soul does not die and will continue to reincarnate until all your karma is resolved.

How Does Past Life Karma Affect Your Current Life?

The key to removing past life karma is to accept it. Gratitude is the first step in cleaning up the karma you carried with you a few lives ago. Here, you will find ways to understand how your past karma affects your current life and how to resolve it.

1. The Duration of Karma Does Not Expire.

The reason it’s called “past life karma” is because it doesn’t go away. You can’t just get rid of your karma by wishing it away. You carry your karma with you even after you pass away. It will stick with you until you take the time to recognize and solve the issues at hand.

If you find yourself constantly in unfavorable circumstances – such as failed relationships or a lack of progress in your career – then the reason for these circumstances is likely due to actions you took in the past. To overcome these recurring issues in your life, you need to identify them, acknowledge them, and work through them.

2. Every person in your life is placed there for a reason.

Your mother, father, spouse, friends, and even your neighbor – every person you encounter has been placed in your life for a reason. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

Yes, you have the free will to break ties with people or end toxic relationships, but Karma is definitely stronger than your free will. Karmic relationships (a romantic relationship with someone who is not your soulmate) will happen as planned, regardless of your attempts to reverse the situation. The best way to deal with such situations is to assess the roles of the people in your life and discover why they are there.

Are they there to teach you a lesson?

The sooner you learn the truth about the karma you share with these people, whether it’s good or bad, the quicker you can restore balance in your life. In other words, try to understand and discover the karmic ties you have with every person in your life, and only then can you restore balance.

3. You will experience the deeds you did in the past.

If you acted cruelly in a past life, people in this life will treat you cruelly. If you acted lovingly, kindly, and politely in a past life, people in this life will also treat you lovingly, kindly, and politely.

What you did in your past life will be experienced in this life as well. Therefore, we cannot blame others for the events in our lives because we are responsible for our actions. Everything in our lives gives us the opportunity to correct it.

4. Roles can sometimes be changed.

When your soul is reincarnated, the souls you met in your past lives will still be present in your current life, but these souls may change roles. For example, in this life, your father may be your son from your past life, or vice versa. Or your friend in this life may be your little sister from your previous existence. Karma helps you learn life lessons and also experience full healing from negative Karma.

Karma repeats the past to produce new results.

You may have noticed that you continue to fall in love with the wrong person despite your past relationships being independent of each other. Or, you may realize that you keep making the same mistake repeatedly. These are because of karma trying to teach you a valuable lesson. So, evaluate yourself and question why these situations keep happening to you.

For example, what actions do you need to change to avoid these situations? Recognize your mistakes and make a conscious effort to change your ways. Now that you know how your past life karma affects your current life, the next key to living a life free from the bonds of past karma is to know how to cleanse your next karma.

How to Reverse Negative Past Life Karma

If you are constantly trapped in negative circumstances, it’s highly likely that these are manifestations of your past life karma. Although karma is always present, there are ways to change negative karma and transform it into good karma.

1. Make a Conscious Effort for Change.

If you have always been pessimistic, make a conscious effort to choose optimism! Always stay positive and try to see the best in every situation.

Seeing everything in a different light makes you kinder, more thoughtful, and more understanding of the people around you. It will also keep you away from negative thoughts and actions that could lead to negative Karma.

2. Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You.

Holding a grudge has no meaning, as it only makes you angry and unhappy. Forgiving, on the other hand, frees you from the bondage of pain and anger. Forgiving others doesn’t mean ignoring what they’ve done, but it means being mature and compassionate enough to overcome your differences and move on.

3. Always be grateful.

Sometimes we can be so occupied with problems that we tend to forget how lucky we are. If you have a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, and clothes on your back, you are said to be richer than 75% of the world’s population. So always be grateful! Expressing your gratitude will give you inner peace.

4. Seek Growth Opportunities

Since karma is a growth and evolution process, viewing problems as growth opportunities allows you to let go of past karma. When a problem arises, look at it from a different perspective and find out what lessons you can learn from it.

5. Meditate and Reflect

Set aside time for meditation. You can practice a mantra during your meditation. Creating a mantra will help you develop a clear mindset and develop a positive routine. What has been done, you cannot change the past or undo things you have done, but you can definitely change your future.

Try to break repeating habits that hold you back and always be open to learning from your experiences. Then, as you move on to your next spiritual journey, you can be sure that the weight of your past karma will not hold you back.

6. Get a Past Life Reading

One of the most effective ways to help you overcome your past life karma is to get a past life reading. A past life reading can help you determine where your past life karma is coming from and also provide recommendations for the quickest and best ways to eliminate it.