Uncomfortable Emotion- If You’re Experiencing These 15 Discomfiting Feelings, It Means You’re on the Right Path

Uncomfortable Emotion
Uncomfortable Emotion

Changing and growing are difficult things to do. In fact, it’s so hard that even the act of doing it or just planning it can bring up all sorts of unpleasant discomfort. Unfortunately, many people interpret these discomforting feelings as a sign that they shouldn’t progress. As a result, they both stop themselves and the progress they have made. Uncomfortable Emotion

If you’re in the midst of making significant changes in your life, you may experience the discomforting feelings listed here.

  1. Feeling of Isolation from Others

    Making deep and personal changes is a lonely process. You have to go through it on your own. As a result, feeling isolated from others is normal and you may feel like they don’t understand what you’re going through.

  2. Difficulty Focusing on Tasks

    Making life changes requires a lot of involvement in your right brain. This leaves little energy for your left brain. Forgetting phone numbers and names, putting things in the wrong place or feeling like you have to do everything twice is completely normal. This is a sign that the changes you’re going through are deep and meaningful.

  3. Feeling Restless and Anxious

    Whether you’re making a career change, a spiritual change or something else, your emotions are constantly being stimulated. In addition, there is a high probability that your brain will be in high gear, including your imagination. This can result in stress and lead to uncomfortable feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

  4. Hostility towards Loved Ones

    If you’re making positive changes, why do you feel so irritated with the people you love? There’s a reason for these unsettling feelings. People who are important to you are often the reasons why you haven’t changed. They may unconsciously undermine your courage to change out of fear of losing you, or they may simply follow your established patterns of behavior, such as financial irresponsibility. This can result in small frustrations that really come to the surface during this time.

  5. Occasional Overwhelming Fear

    Change is frightening. This is so true that you may find yourself in a near-panicked state at times. This just means that the change you’re undergoing is very real, very meaningful, and very lasting.

  6. New Tendency towards Confrontation

    If you’re moving forward to grow and change, you’re probably not really happy with many aspects of your life. Now, you’ve decided that you not only deserve better for yourself, but also from others. So, in situations where you normally let things go, you may find yourself ‘calling people out,’ because you’ve decided that you deserve better.

  7. Feeling Unsatisfied

    You may experience dissatisfaction in other ways as well as facing people, and you can act accordingly. This is a result of demanding better things for yourself and becoming more willing to demand them.

  8. Feeling Loss

    If you feel lost in the middle of making a change or growing, it does not mean you are on the wrong path. This means that you are dealing with new experiences, new emotions, new expectations, and finally a new reality. It should not be surprising if you find yourself questioning what you will do next, or even who you are, as you navigate this.

  9. Strong Desire to Be Alone

    This is particularly true for introverts who are making life changes and taking action to grow. You may be putting so much emotional energy into the changes you are making that human interaction can become a great burden. Also, your desire to allocate more time to loneliness by meditating to help center yourself, writing in a journal, doing yoga, or participating in other solitary activities may increase.

  10. Questioning Your Relationships

    When you make changes, you’re essentially questioning your life. This includes your relationships with friends. You may find yourself questioning if you’re still compatible with your friends and if your relationships with them are healthy. Before reviving old friendships, your changing self may just need time to adjust or you may realize that some friendships are no longer sustainable. Accepting the latter can be difficult, but it’s still a sign that you’re on the right track.

  11. Intense Grief

    No growth or big change happens without loss. Sometimes the loss is more tangible, such as losing a job or ending a relationship. At other times, the loss is less tangible. For example, you may have decided to give up some negative habits and behaviors, and even though you know making the change is for the best, you may still be sad about what you’ve lost.

  12. Dreaming of the Future

    It is completely normal to be afraid of the future. After all, you took the known, whether it be good or bad, and turned it into the unknown. You have no idea where your new path will take you in the end. This can make the future feel like a scary place. If you feel scared, it is completely normal.

  13. Wanting Everything to be the Same

    Familiarity is one of the safest feelings. Even negative familiarity can temporarily feel better than change. When life gets complicated and challenging, it is perfectly normal to take a step back and seek the past comforts, people, and simplicity.

  14. Having Strange and Intense Dreams

    Strange and intense dreams, even negative ones, are the cumulative result of new experiences, new emotions, inner and outer conflicts. They are a way for your subconscious mind to solve many heavy things while you sleep.

  15. Wanting to End Romantic Relationships

    Emotionally, when making a change, you may begin to doubt your ability to give the time and emotional effort required to maintain romantic relationships. You may feel that your partner deserves more or that you deserve more. It is important not to make such decisions too soon.


As you can see, some feelings that seem disturbing may actually be a sign that you are on the right path towards your life purpose. The next time you feel lost or sad or have a strong desire to be alone, it may be time to listen to your inner self to better understand what you truly want.