How does numerology explain the evolution of consciousness?


Are numbers really that important and can they help us explain consciousness? Pythagoras had many pioneering ideas about numerology and even developed his own metaphysical system based on his discoveries.

One of the concepts introduced by Pythagoras was the harmony of spheres. According to this concept, everything in our Universe is in balance. Everything and everyone plays unique and significant roles in a great chorus of vibration.

Pythagoras discovered that every number had a deeper meaning and his theories later became the foundation of what we now know as numerology. He was one of the first scientists to find a connection between the cosmic music of vibrations and numerology. Pythagoras studied the symbols and meanings behind numerology numbers.

His discoveries led to the conclusion that numbers are at the foundation of everything existing in the Universe. Everything on our planet, whether living or non-living, male or female, conforms to the laws of vibrational frequency and can be explained through numerology numbers. One way to interpret the meaning behind numerology numbers is to explain the evolution of consciousness.

Numerology Number 1

Represents the beginning of everything. The vertical straight line starts from the top and connects to what is below. It connects heaven and earth. There is only connection, love, and a higher consciousness that we are a part of.

Numerology Number 2

Symbolizes the plant world – 2. The bottom line is horizontal, indicating that plants are attached to the material plane (Earth) and not free to move wherever they want. The curved line above the number indicates that plants love light and the sun (Heaven).

Numerology Number 3

Symbolizes the animal world. There are two curved lines in the number. Animals love both heaven and earth. They can move wherever they want and are not bound by anything. Most animals have no rigid attachments. An animal’s consciousness is primarily based on instincts and is torn between fear and desire.

Numerology Number 4

Represents the human being. The number 4 has two intersecting lines in the middle. Human life is a process of challenging choices between good and evil. The number 4 represents the consciousness that stands at the crossroads and must make a choice. If the choice is correct, it will lead to the next level of human evolution, which is enlightenment.

Numerology Number 5

Embodies an enlightened human being. The horizontal line at the top symbolizes the connection to heaven (the soul). The curved line at the bottom shows that the enlightened person still has love for the Earth.

Numerology Number 6

Represents an angel. Looking at the number 6, a spiral line can be seen descending from the heavens to the Earth. Angels embody the energy of love and have no material attachments.

Numerology Number 7

Represents the divine creative essence. The line above the number is a connection to the heavens (the spiritual world), while the other line connects the heavens and the earth at a specific angle. It represents the intuitive channel of the creative essence.

Numerology Number 8

Symbolizes divine power and infinity. The never-ending curve connects the spiritual realm to the physical world. The number 8 shows that divine power is infinite.

Numerology Number 9

Represents the wisdom of higher consciousness. After the experience on Earth, the curved line turns towards the heavens. Through wisdom, we can move to the next level of higher consciousness.

Numerology numbers not only help to explain the evolution of consciousness but also can provide a clearer understanding of the meaning in an individual’s soul mission.

Numerology reading can help identify weak points that need to be addressed and highlight strong points that need to be developed. This can explain why some people find it relatively easy to succeed in life while others struggle.