The Centennial Wisdom of Eastern Medicine! Walnut Massage

Walnut Massage
Walnut Massage

Walnuts are a true gift from nature! The real issue is not only that they are rich in vitamins and healthy fats, but also that they provide relaxation. It is recommended to carry a few walnuts with you at all times to relieve nerve tension by massaging your palms. Unfortunately, we experience a lot of stress, but rarely take measures to cope with it. Here is the walnut massage

You can get rid of stress in 2 minutes.

There are active points in our palms that are responsible for the functioning of internal organs. By tapping them, you can get rid of various diseases and even lose weight!

To quickly relieve stress, you should do the following:

1.Take 2 walnuts in each palm and make circular motions.

2.Place the walnut in the groove between the tendons on the inside of your wrist, lightly press with the other palm and make a circular motion with the walnut.

3.Give a light massage to the tips of your fingers with the other hand.

As Eastern medicine explains, the effectiveness of the exercise is not controlled by the front of the mental state, but by the internal organs. For example, energy is hidden in the lungs, the mind in the heart, the spirit in the liver, the will in the spleen, and the desire to reach a goal in the kidneys.

Walnut massage can be a real salvation in a stressful situation. Taking a break from your daily routine and paying attention to your mental state is worth just a few minutes of your time. Allow a few nuts in your bag to help you out. Also, recommend your friends to try this technique.