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Life After Death
Life After Death

Have you ever wondered what happens after death There is someone who has spent most of their life asking this question, which is why they have developed extensive knowledge in spiritual matters. I will talk about Dr. Micheal Newton, a famous psychologist and hypnotist from California. He spent 40 years of his life searching for answers to the existential question: is there life after death After conducting over 7,000 hypnotic regressions, the doctor was able to accurately trace the path of the soul after it leaves the dead body.

During hypnosis sessions, the patients were able to make contact with their spirits. They were able to remember the path they needed to follow before being reincarnated without a physical body. During his surprising and captivating research, Newton was impressed by the fact that all the subjects reported the same details during regressions, despite being completely different in terms of race, religion, and ideology, they all narrated the same spiritual experience.

According to the various testimonies of patients undergoing hypnotic regression, the souls are greeted by a spiritual guide who assists and supports them on their journey to the spiritual world after they leave their physical body. Upon reaching this new dimension, they arrive at a “port” (as described by many patients under hypnosis), where they gather and are directed to specific group memberships.

According to the testimonies of patients undergoing hypnotic regression, after the souls depart from the physical body, they are greeted by a spiritual guide who helps and supports them on the way to the spiritual world. Upon reaching this new dimension, they descend into a kind of “port” (as described by most patients under hypnosis). Here, they are collected and directed towards certain group memberships. Souls are then divided into various groups, influenced by inner characteristics such as ethical values, desires, and spiritual inclinations. However, before going to their personal group membership, each soul must pass through a group composed of very ancient and highly advanced souls, known as the “Council of Elders,” according to Newton.

Here, the soul’s earthly work will be discussed and the body to be reincarnated based on the faults/virtues accumulated in previous life. Finally, before reincarnation takes place, senior advisors will reinforce the soul’s awareness of the spiritual tasks that must be fulfilled in its next life, one last time.

These are testimonies collected by Michael Newton about the experience of the soul after the death of the body. These ongoing experiments only validate the theory of the immortality of the soul.