Positive and Negative Telepathy Communication Channels


It is a clear fact that people are connected to each other through invisible communication channels. For example, someone calls you and you can feel exactly who it is. Or you know what the person is going to say before they say it. Or a mother can feel when her child, who is very far away, is having a problem. Telepathy, or the ability to communicate with others through invisible channels, is a well-known phenomenon. Science often explains it as a mere coincidence, however, the truth is that people are connected to each other on a subtle energy level through channels that can transmit feelings, emotions, thoughts, and even images. In essence, there is nothing surprising about this, as there are many examples of the use of telepathy in esoteric literature.

in Telepathy How do Telepathic Communication Channels Emerge?

The telepathic channel appears when we think of a specific person and disappears when we stop thinking about them. The existence of a channel doesn’t necessarily mean that both people can read each other’s thoughts, as it requires a certain sensitivity, being in tune with each other, wanting it and being open to such communication.

When you start thinking of someone, a contact is established on a subtle level, but this does not guarantee that a telepathic session will take place; often, we are not even aware that such communication is possible and we do not believe in the possibility of it. This reality can be explained by the fact that we fear and do not want to be open to telepathic communication in our subconscious, because what if someone suddenly knows the content of our mind? We fear that this will reveal too much and this fear clogs the channel, making the rare situations when thoughts come together just a matter of chance.

Positive Replaces Negative

Negativity will only be transmitted to you if you are inclined to attract it (this is based on your past actions). Even if you receive negativity in real life or through a telepathic connection, you cannot blame another person. To avoid receiving negativity from a specific person, sincerely wish them happiness. Having a positive flow is the best defense against incoming negativity. Protective mantras can also be helpful.

Wishing happiness to others by sending them positive thoughts, good wishes, etc. can bring both you and them good. But never tell others that you are sending them positivity, wishing them happiness, etc. as this can clog your telepathic communication channels. Instead, focus on filling your telepathic communication channels with positive content and all negativity will naturally dissipate.