Developing Telepathy Using Energetic Matching


Telepathy is the direct transfer of thoughts or feelings from one person to another without using physical sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. It is the ability to be in harmony with another person no matter where you are, and to establish a direct mental connection without needing to be physically close to the other person. Telepathic communication is therefore a form of communication on a completely different level, where you only use the power of your mind to communicate.

There are still tribes today that have developed their telepathic ability and maintain the ability to communicate with each other using their “thought” power. Telepathy should be as natural for us as breathing. We all have the ability to communicate through the power of our minds. With the right guidance and training, this ability can be re-learned and developed.

Developing telepathic ability is not as difficult as you may think – the main obstacle is not believing it is possible. The most basic level of telepathy is emotion. Sometimes you just sense that something is wrong with a loved one, you call or message them that day and then find out something has happened to them. That is the most basic type of telepathy.

Here I will talk about steps for developing your telepathic ability.

Meditation and Focus

For telepathy to work, it is important to distinguish certain types of energy, as well as relaxation. One easy way to meditate is to sit upright in a chair and close your eyes. Focus on clear thoughts that come to your mind. Try to separate these thoughts from the background noise happening in your brain. This separation of the two energies helps bring the focus to thoughts that are protected from any external interference.

Choosing the Right Partner

Telepathy is the ability to read someone’s mind and send messages from one mind to another. It is not an activity that you can do on your own, so you will need a partner. The right person should be someone you trust and who believes in the power of telepathic communication.

Really Believe in Telepathy

Firstly and most importantly, both you and the person you are trying to communicate with telepathically should have belief in the existence of telepathy. If you approach them with a skeptical mind, you risk clouding your innate intuition and marring the delicate connection between you and the receiver of the telepathic message. A genuine belief in the possibility of telepathic communication allows for the gathering of the right energies and the development of a psychic bond.

Be patient

It is not possible to experience a full and powerful telepathic experience in one night. If you do, that’s great! But most of us need to develop and nurture our growing ability. When focusing on the receiver of the telepathic communication, remain unwavering in your belief in telepathic communication. Pay attention to subtle differences in mood and atmosphere – this may be a message coming from the person you are trying to communicate telepathically with.

Sender and Recipient

It is important to decide who will be the sender and who will be the receiver in telepathy. Both roles have different responsibilities in the process. If this decision is not made before the telepathy session, confusing messages may be sent. By creating clear boundaries at the beginning, try to avoid unnecessary cross-connections. Always remember to choose a reliable and willing partner.

Sending Messages Telepathically

Make sure to sit in a upright position facing your partner when sitting across from them. Your bodies should be facing each other and your eyes should be closed. Spend a few minutes in this position meditating and clearing your mind. Telepathy can occur from a distance, but it’s best to start in close proximity. Don’t spend too much time on it, as you may become mentally fatigued, so limit the time spent in a session.

Visualize the Receiver

If you are the person sending the message, clearly visualize the receiver in your mind, with eyes closed. Make sure the image you have in your mind is as detailed as possible. Think about the receiver’s hair color, eye color, height, weight, and distinct personality traits. If the message is to be sent from a specific distance, make sure you have a picture of the receiver nearby.

Connect with Your Mind

The sender must create a very specific image in their mind before sending the message. This image should be that of a silver tube, which serves as the portal through which the message will be sent. This portal connects the sender’s and receiver’s minds. Imagine the tube as being charged with energy and sending the message to the receiver. Focus your mind solely on the tube. There should be a strong belief within you that the message is being sent through the tube and that it is real.

Picture Sent Message

This image can be anything from an apple to a telephone to a pen. Visualize all the details of a specific object, such as its function, appearance and location. The important thing in this step is to associate a specific feeling with the object. For example, the taste and feeling of eating food is significant to the process. Adding emotions and feelings to your visualization can help convey the message more clearly.

Sending the Message

Once this image is clear in the sender’s mind, bring up the image of the silver tube and direct the image of the object into the tube. Use all the brain power to push it through the inside of the tube as much as possible and believe it will work. This process may take up to 15 minutes. If it takes too long, stop and meditate and then focus back on the tube.

Write The Message Seen By The Recipient

The receiver should focus on and receive the signals. The silver tube should also be visualized by the receiver. After receiving the message, the receiver should write down the message in great detail, including any emotions associated with the message. Then, the sender and receiver should compare messages and see if the message that was sent was received correctly.


Improve your ability to communicate telepathically in different environments; in the same room, consecutively, in different rooms of the same house and remotely. Practice with each other for a week while seeing each other, then continue with remote practices for a month. Learn how your emotional responses and physical distance affect the transmission of the message to truly enhance your ability.

Do Experiments

As you begin to achieve success, continue to try longer messages and more complex images. For example, you can try to make the receiver wake up, call you or send you a message. Remember that the telepathic connection can be one of our happiest connections!