You Can Improve Your Telepathy Skill With The Exercises Here


You can develop telepathic abilities if you wish, but there are certain things you should keep in mind. If you want to enhance your telepathy ability, you should do it with the intention of understanding the feelings or thoughts of those closest to you who share your feelings or thoughts. For example, couples who are very close and share everything may be open to developing a telepathic connection. When it comes to other people in your life, they may not be open to you learning their private thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, in order for this to be effective, you should only request access to information that is useful or relevant to you, and not do anything else. For example, if your loved one is having a bad day or is upset, you can call or message them, instead of trying to read their thoughts telepathically.

Steps that can help you develop your telepathic abilities:

Set An Intention To Improve Telepathy

“Spirit, please help me develop my telepathic gift in helpful and supportive ways towards the people around me. I ask for permission not to access private thoughts and feelings that those close to me may not want to share.”

Transmitting mental images

You can play this game with your loved ones (ideally with someone you have a strong and emotional connection with):

You can play this game with your loved ones (ideally someone with a strong and emotional connection) Close your eyes and visualize an object. To make it easier, choose something simple like a bicycle, clothesline or teapot. Focus strongly on this image for a while. See its colors and try to make it as vivid as possible. Imagine sending it to your loved ones. Notice if one of you is better at sending the images and the other at receiving them.

As you become better at this, you can start to make the images more complex by adding movement or multiple items. For example, you can send images of a train emerging from a tunnel in a mountainous area, children playing on the beach, clothes fluttering on a clothesline in the breeze. You can also try sending an image of a memory and accompanying emotions, especially if it is a strong one. As you progress in this, you should keep in mind that the goal is to develop the ability to communicate with loved ones or close ones in a helpful and supportive way and not to invade the privacy of others.

Most people need to practice this exercise multiple times to be successful, and many of us make mistakes repeatedly at first.

Ask Someone to Call You

Think about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, someone with whom you have a strong emotional connection and who you believe would want to hear from or talk to you. Focus on the image of this person while you’re speaking to them on the phone. Imagine how wonderful it would be to hear from them. Hear yourself saying hello to them. Telepathically request them to call you.