Features That Differentiate Psychic Dreams from Normal Dreams


Psychic Dreams
Psychic Dreams

Did you dream last night or was it something more? Maybe you saw psychic dreams sent as a warning from the universe. Dreams remain a mysterious, exciting, and sometimes frightening part of our lives. They continue to surprise us with their meaning, if any, just like our nightmares. Within these dreams, we find a glimmer of truth among symbols and sensory temptations, finding a semblance of something logical.

Our Mind’s Landscape

In our dreams, we experience things that are not controlled by space and time. We swim, fly, and die in our dreams, just to wake up with the feeling of being on a journey. These dreams continue forever, they seem to tell stories and yet they only last a few seconds. Are our dreams warning us about something in the future or are they just pieces of our dreams?

So the question is “How can we determine if our dreams are psychic or premonitory dreams?” When it comes to interpreting dreams, including content, emotions, and related sensory stimuli, there are many perspectives. Is it a live dream or a strange group of blurred images ingrained in memory? There are different perspectives that differentiate psychic dreams from normal variety.

Psychic Dreams Are Alive.

In a psychic dream, there may be great details present. If you see in your dream that your neighbor visits you with good news and this actually happens the next day, this is called a pre-known dream, a form of psychic dream. These dreams usually have the ability to convey colors, scents, and sounds like real life. You may be able to remember what your neighbor was wearing or that it was raining in your dream. These dreams are designed to allow you to remember and take note of information about the future. On the other hand, regular dreams are not usually filled with even the smallest details, unless you are naturally imaginative.

Precognitive Dreams Bring Unknown Information

In a dream, you may experience disaster events, but you may awaken with the announcement of a similar frightening situation. Somewhere, perhaps on the other side of the world, a traumatic event may have destroyed the homes, lives, and futures of thousands of people, or perhaps it was only a small-scale event. Usually, the dream will provide details that will align with the statistics of the event and assure you that the dream was not just a regular image set. You will recognize similar names, places, or numbers that match what you perceive in the dream. The precognitive dream will leave no doubt as to whether you have experienced a regular dream or an extremely psychic part.

Nightmares caused by stress are not psychically based

If you experience a lot of stress in your life, whether it’s from job loss or death in the family, you’re likely to have nightmares. Terrible dreams are not designed to warn you about anything specific. They’re simply a side effect of taking on too much responsibility or experiencing negative life events.

Although nightmares can be bad, they’re generally not something to be worried about. The only thing to watch out for is when the symbolism of nightmares begins to be used. This can be a warning that you may need to improve things in your life in order to eliminate negative conditions.

Telepathic dreams are not ordinary.

Another psychic dream type that sets itself apart from the ordinary is telepathic dreams. During a dream, you may see yourself visiting a distant place to visit a sick friend. If you wake up and learn that your friend is indeed sick, you may have visited telepathically. You can verify whether your friend felt your presence at that time.

Dream Guide

Somewhere between an average dream and a premonition, we encounter a dream guide. A dream guide is a figure that emerges to share important information in our dreams and to protect us from many dangers we may encounter while dreaming or in waking life.

The dream starts like an ordinary dream and ends in a normal way. Somewhere in the middle, we meet our dream guide and learn what we need to know before the dream continues.

Astral Projection

You can travel outside of your body not only in a waking life, but also while sleeping. This can be an unintentional or a deliberate activity achieved within a dream context. In some ways, this is considered psychic, but when it happens involuntarily, it appears to be beyond our waking control.

Astral projection can be felt when the mind re-enters the body, especially in the parts where you wake up with a sudden feeling of weightiness or even suffocation, like being pulled from deep waters. Sometimes, breathing can momentarily stop when returning to the physical body.