How is the universe asked?


Today, we are very accustomed to stress, problems, and difficult situations, and sometimes we forget to ask for help. In ancient times, people knew this very well. The universe is always there to help us. There doesn’t have to be a problem, it could just be a wish, anything we need. There are different methods to ask the universe to change our lives.

How to Ask the Universe – Methods

Ask Out Loud

Every word we say has a vibration and frequency. When we say a word or sentence, it starts circulating in the universe and sets things in motion. If you repeat the same wish many times, the universe will start making changes to help us get what we want. The method of asking the universe is simple. Form the sentence (“I have a new car”, “I have a big house”, “I’m working at my dream job”, “I’m healthy”, etc.). Repeat it as often as you can. And then wait for the changes to come.

Determine Your Intent

You can just think about your desire or need. You can determine your intent during meditation. Your frequency is higher when you meditate. So in this case, any intent you determine will be stronger than if you just spoke it. You can use an easy breathing meditation, a state of mindfulness. Visualization will give more power to your intent. It’s like sending a letter to the universe!

To-Do List

This is a fun way to ask for help from the Universe. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Now draw a line to divide the page into two. The left side will contain things you need to do for a better life, or to reach the goals you need or want. And the right side is for the universe. Write what you need from the universe. Be as realistic and clear as possible. Be sincere and enjoy this moment. Write every detail of what you want. The only thing you don’t need to write is how you want to get it. Just tell the universe that you need it and let it figure out how to bring it into your life.